How to get from Puerto de la Savina to El Pilar, San Francisco, San Fernando…?

LINE 2 Port – El Pilar

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Line 2

Port of La Savina – El Pilar

Line 2 is the longest route in Formentera. It connects the port with the different administrative centers, towns and tourist centers in the south of the island, until reaching Pilar de la Mola, the furthest point from Puerto de la Savina.

The schedules

Line 2 is the most suitable to go to:

San Francisco, administrative capital of the island, where the post office, the city hall, the hospital and the main shopping center are located.
San Fernando, the second most important town on the island, and the closest to Es Pujols
The area of ​​​​Es Ca Marí, on Migjorn beach, the most important tourist center in the Migjorn area, with important hotels such as Es Ca Marí, Gecko or the Hotel Formentera Playa
The area of ​​​​Es Caló, a fishing port with good accommodation and restaurant infrastructure
The easternmost area of ​​Migjorn, where important hotels such as the Riu La Mola or the Insotel club Maryland are located.
El Pilar, the town located in La Mola, with the La Mola lighthouse or the hippie market as its main tourist attractions.

And in the opposite direction, Line 2 connects these places with the Port of Formentera and with each other:

El Pilar de la Mola with the Riu La Mola area, Es Caló, Ca Marí, San Fernando, San Francisco (post office, hospital, town hall, etc.) and the Port of La Savina
The Riu La Mola/Club Maryland area with Ca Marí, San Fernando, San Francisco and the Port of La Savina
The picturesque area of ​​Es Caló with Ca Marí, San Fernando, San Francisco and Puerto de la Savina
The area of ​​Ca Marí with San Fernando, San Francisco and the Port of La Savina
San Fernando with San Francisco and La Savina
San Francisco with the Port of La Savina


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