How to get to Illetes or Es Pujols by bus?

LINE 7 Bus to
Es Pujols and Illetes

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Line 7

Bus to Es Pujols and Illetes

Getting to Illetes beach or Es Pujols by bus from the Port is very easy. If you click on the links, we will explain it to you quickly.
But if you are in Formentera and want to go to Illetes beach or even Pujols by bus, we have created line 7, which connects the entire Mitjorn area, from the easternmost area of ​​it, where the Hotel Riu La is located. Mola and Club Maryland, the core of Es Caló, Ca Marí and San Fernando, with the cores of Es Pujols and Illetes beach.

The schedules

It is a line with few frequencies, but it perfectly covers the demand of tourists staying in these areas who want to go spend a day at the beach in Illetes or Es Pujols.
Below we show you the schedules for line 7 so you can organize your day at the beach and shopping in Es Pujols or an intense day of tanning and beautiful people in Illetes.

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